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We are excited to be able to offer our clients body treatments and body wraps. 
Deb Burnett, Licensed Massage Therapist
offers the following:

Approx. 45 - 60 minutes

Your entire body is meticulously polished with an algo-essence remedial complex. Granules of marine salts are freshly mixed with the finest replenishing essential oils. An outstanding way to liberate the body from its shell of dead skin cells. The end result is skin that feels brand new on the outside, and "beneath the skin" relief as inner layers of tension leave you

Please avoid this treatment if you have an allergy to shellfish

$85 - 1 hr. 15 / 1 hr. 30

Relaxing , Moisturizing AND Exfoliating
Body Treatment

A personalized and luxuriously extended version of Gommage Marin. Your technician will choose between a body polish utilizing a refining, remineralizing marine complex and a hydrating, repairing flower and plant formula. Following the "strip away of dead leaves"--the literal meaning of the word exfoliate--your new contours will be treated to a marvelous body massage with a silky blend
of botanical lotions and oils

Please avoid this treatment if you have an allergy to shellfish or if you are pregnant

$85 - 1 hr. 15 / 1hr. 30 min.

Slimming Treatment with
Seaweed (Slimming/Cellulite) or
Marine Mud (Painful, Dimpling Cellulite)

Two "A La Carte" options are offered in this state of the art slimming treatment: your therapist will customize your marine body mask with either a marine clay enriched with kawa kawa or a micronized compound of freshly harvested brown and red seaweed. Both choices are complemented with essential oils. Your silhouette looks trimmer, your skin less spongy and your body free of everyday tensions

Please avoid this treatment if you are pregnant

$85 - 1 hr. / 1 hr 15 min.

Firming and Lifting Body Treatment

Finally, a true "anti-sagging body booster" YonKa's Phyto Fermete! The star ingredient is ROSEMARY: this extreme firming agent is reinforced with hops, eucalyptus, sage and horsetail, beech buds, silicon & Vitamin E, to energize, stimulate & restructure the epidermis. Provides an incredible "lifting" effect for the entire body, reshaping with firmer, denser skin feeling smooth and soft

Please avoid this treatment if you are pregnant

$65 - 40 / 45 min.

Anti-Fatique Leg Treatment

Heavy tired legs?  Containing climbing ivy, Jambes Tonique is the ultimate remedy for excess fluid or tired legs.  This treatment stimulates surface circulation and leaves your legs feeling wonderfully light and refreshed

$80 - 1 hr. / 1 hr. 15 min.

Either a Draining, Relaxing or Energizing
Body Massage - You and the therapist will pick one...

Your therapist asks you to describe your state of mind, your energy level, your mood, and together you decide which combination of essences are most appropriate for your bodywork.

This synergy and the finest and purest plant essential oils make the Aroma-Luxe Massage a customized, very personal massage encounter.

Specific sensorial and stretching techniques are chosen as a final procedure to harness a state of total harmony between body and soul.

  •     aromatic essential oil selection
  •     deeply balancing soft tissue massage
  •     senso-physical awakening

$85 - 1 hr. 15 / 1 hr. 30 min.

Deep Detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap

More than a traditional mummifying bandage envelopment, this is the ultimate alternative therapy for body detoxification and “better-being”.

Your body is tucked into pre-soaked warm aromatherapeutic linens for total comfort.

The powerfully penetrating treatment of the SOIN DETOX works specifically on
cleansing out toxins and “free radicals”, improving the circulation and
uncovering healthy, vibrant skin.

  •     stimulating buffing of the entire body
  •     gentle treating and relaxing massage
  •     deeply cleansing herbal linen-wrap
  •     final skin silkening


Most of the body wraps are not recommended
for those who are pregnant because they contain
the essential oil rosemary

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