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Spa Facials

"A good skin care program is the key to
younger looking skin"

If you have never had a are missing out on something wonderfully relaxing and that makes your skin feel and look wonderful!

Simple Reward's licensed personnel can consult with you and decide the best facial and/or treatments for your skin type and age.   Donna Keller, who is Yon-Ka Paris Product Certified, can help you choose products from the extensive YON-KA PARIS
line for your continued at-home regimen to help your skin retain that after facial glow and wonderful, healthy feel.  Facials, for men and women, using
botanical-based Yon-Ka Paris products,
are a great way to keep your face looking its best;
help fight the signs of aging or help with any
skin problems you may have. 

Please call ahead for an appointment

Regular Spa Facial - 1 Hour - $60
Consists of...
Cleansing & toning, warm aromatic compress, warm mist with 5 essential oils, plant-base soft gel peel, relaxing massage-face,
    neck, arms and décolleté, mask and revitalizing protective base
A wonderfully relaxing experience and your skin will be beautiful and glowing

1/2 Hour Spa Facial - $30.00
Condensed version of the above facial without the soft peel
and less of the relaxing massage

(3 treatments)

(Consists of 3 visits in a 10 - 14 day period)
Follow up with maintenance every 4 to 5 weeks 
A special mask formula applied to the face and neck that
tightens the skin and helps with fine lines and wrinkles
with the trio of treatments and continued maintenance.

Non- Surgical Face Lift
Maintenance is $40

We offer a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial for prob
lem skin (blemishes)
 that includes extractions
Approx 30 min.  $35.00
Includes deep cleansing and opening of the pores; steaming; extractions and then products that will then close the pores and moisturize the skin.

If you have severe acne problems...please consult a dermatologist

Signature Facial Treatment Collection

The newest facial from 
Yon-Ka Paris is the 

(Stimulastine Facial)

Restructuring / Smoothing anti-wrinkle facial with new exclusive face 
Stimulastine Mask

Yon-Ka’s ultimate restructuring anti-wrinkle duo Stimulastine Jour & Stimulastine Nuit fall into the Age Correction category, this ultimate twin treatment is designed to reduce the span and depth of  wrinkles.The purpose of the Stimulastine duo is to protect our own elastin while helping to stimulate its synthesis and quality.  It is a restructuring wrinkle remover that acts on the whole elastin sequence for a 3D result on wrinkles, while smoothing the skin and enhancing its radiance


Le Grand Classique
Deep pore cleansing/restoring & relaxing spa facial   
This is one of the most complete and personalized deep pore 
cleansing that you will ever experience.  Easily adaptable 
to any skin type, this sumptuous facial is based on YON-KA'S 
unique "5 progressive purifying steps" that 
allows the skin to be treated without irritation 
due to its scientific and gradual 
protocol...includes extractions if needed.

Yon-Ka Paris Optimizer Facial

At certain times in your life, you would give anything to get back in shape, feel younger and stay on your toes for a body in top form.  You would even indulge in the services of a personal trainer if you could.  So, why not do the same thing for your skin?
Yon-Ka Paris Optimizer Facial is an absolutely innovative densifying anti-aging program for visibly younger-looking, firmer skin and a redefined facial contour.
This process must be done once a week for 4 weeks with a maintenance Optimizer Facial once a month 
Regular Price for each approx. 1 hr 20 min treatment is $70 
per facial
Purchased in a package (of 4) there is a 10% discount. 
After the 4-week treatment, use of the Yon-Ka Paris New Advanced Optimizer Duo at home, either in the morning or at night, will maintain the benefits of the treatments. 
A wonderful Anti-Aging - Firming Program 



Hydralessence Face
Long-lasting, deep hydrating spa facial    
Approx. 1 Hour 
This facial is for drier, dehydrated skin.  Moisturized with seaweed and fruit extracts and bathed in a light aromatic steam, your skin becomes supple, soft and beautiful; wrinkles and lines smoothed.


Resurfacing fruit acid treatment    
Approx. 1 Hour 
This treatment gives maximum results with 4 weekly treatments.
  Purchased in a package - receive 10% off
This magnificent fruit acid treatment uses organically sourced AHA-BHA from newly picked fruits.  Alpha Vital instantly improves skin roughness by restoring a healthy cell renewal cycle.  Skin's surface becomes noticeably smoother without a hint of sensitivity.  Leaving nothing neglected, a freshly prepared deliciously fruit scented peel off mask will allow your skin to exhale and reveal a luminous complexion with fine lines smoothed; skin is brightened and becomes softer, firmer and visibly younger.  
Four treatments in a month's period will give maximum results to your skin.  Purchased in a package (of 4) there is a 10% discount.  After the 4-week treatment there are continued Yon-Ka Paris home use products that will maintain 
the benefits of the treatments.  

Ladies...after your spa facial...have Tresa or Charity do your will be energized, glowing and beautiful and ready 
to face the world again!

Couples Yon-Ka Spa Facials/Massages

Couples may receive massages and spa facials in the same room at the same time from licensed personnel.  Candlelight and soothing music 
adds to the romantic atmosphere of this relaxing get-a-way.
1 Hour massage & facial $120 per person
 1/2 Hour massage & facial $60.00 per person


Nufree Nudesse Soy-Based
for Women & Men

Eyebrow Shape - $10.00
Eyebrow cleanup - $6.00
Lip only - $6.00+
Chin, Neck OR Toes - $6.00 ea.+
Neck & Face area - $12.00 +
Underarms - $15.00
Forearms - $15.00 +
Back or Chest - $30.00 +
1/2 the legs (includes knees) - $30.00+
Full Legs (no bikini) $50.00+

The minimal price is listed; the + means if there is
excess hair to be removed it could be more

Nufree is a safe, fast and painless hair removal product that contains no wax, no sugar, and no honey! In just minutes... the Nufree hair removal system can remove hair on over 98% of your body. Nufree completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft and papilla, unlike any other hair removal product on the market.

The Nufree hair removal system was originally developed for surgeons to remove hair from their patients before a surgical procedure, and Equibal has developed and furthered the use of that product and turned it into the most effective hair removal product available. With the addition of 
finipil, which is applied to the skin after using our hair removal system, our Nufree hair removal product has the longest lasting results of any hair removal method available. The Nufree system uses finipil to shrink hair follicles, cool the hair follicle, and reduce swelling making the results of theNufree hair removal system last. Finipil is also effective in preventing ingrown hairs, as well as getting rid of old ones, left behind from hair removal methods that have tried and failed to compare to Nufree.

Simple Rewards is honored to be a Nufree Nudesse Salon


The next time you get your eyebrows waxed...ask for the WOW BROW.  It is a NuFace micro-current treatment that helps lift your brows
Only $5.00 Extra


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